One-to-Ready Conversational English

I know it can be challenging, even scary, to try and have a conversation with someone in English if you feel you do not have the right words or are unsure which grammar structure is the right one. The silence grows as you try and remember a word lost in your passive memory, you say a sentence and immediately realise that the grammar isn't correct but can't say why exactly. You feel your confidence disappear as you wonder if you'll ever be able to express yourself clearly. 

Join my personalised conversational English classes that are designed to give you the tools and confidence to have everyday conversations in English without fear of being misunderstood or not being able to express yourself. By using different materials and exploring a range of topics, we will focus on conversation practice where you’ll learn new expressions and vocabulary that will enhance your fluency and help you communicate more effectively than ever before.

Feeling ready to take your conversational skills to the next level? Then book your free consultation class today. We will discuss your learning goals and you can find out why my classes are perfect for you! 

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One-to-One Business Skills

Empower your career with perfect Business English communication!

In today’s global economy, English is not just necessary; it's the key to seizing new opportunities, building relationships with international partners, and maximising your career potential. 

Each of the Business Skills lessons is designed to equip you with the professional vocabulary to confidently overcome any challenges you might face in various professional scenarios. 

Through engaging discussions and role-play situations, you will practise and master the language and techniques that will develop your professional communication skills in any of the following areas:

Business Communications 

Presentations, Meetings, Discussions, Conferences

Job Application Process

CV writing, Cover Letter writing, Interview preparation

Business Writing

Emails, Letters, Reports

Business Vocabulary

Industry-specific vocabulary, common business expressions

Don't miss out on the opportunity to boost your career. Book your free Business Skills consultation today!

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One-to-One Exam Preparation

Do you need to prepare for an English language exam but are unsure what you need to practise to successfully pass? Then I'm here to help! 

In my one-to-one Exam Preparation classess, we will cover:

  • a review of the exam format so there won't be any surprises on exam day
  • the grammar and vocabulary you need to have to achieve a successful mark
  • plenty of practise in any or ALL the exam tasks so you can walk into the exam fully prepared and with confidence


  • FCE (B2 FIRST)
  • IELTS 


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